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If you're looking for a SSAS for your business, you've come to the right place.  If you already have a SSAS, switching to another SSAS provider can be as easy as signing a letter to appoint the new firm.  Use us in complete confidence to reveal if you’re better served elsewhere.

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You specify exactly what you’d like to do with your SSAS money, and some of Britain’s best SSAS providers will compete for your business.  We’ll send you their detailed responses.  You compare what they offer by investment choice, service level, flexibility, and more.

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You’re in complete control.  You can either message them anonymously via us, or you can contact them directly.  We never share your personal or business details with SSAS providers to protect your privacy and to ensure you won’t be hassled by them.


Whether you’d like to compare your SSAS provider with others, or whether you want to set up a new SSAS for your business, we offer the most convenient, stress-free way to find a SSAS provider to match your needs. 

Your SSAS could be one of your largest assets.  So it’s vital to appoint a SSAS provider that doesn’t just understand your retirement plans, it also works alongside you and your trusted advisers to create a bespoke SSAS for the benefit of all the scheme members, your business, your family and those you leave behind. 

Over the years, your SSAS could cost your business many thousands of pounds in fees.  But choosing a SSAS provider solely on price is rarely the right call.  It’s much more important to have confidence in the service, especially if you’re trusting them with the administration and investment of your SSAS money.

Above all, we're firmly of the opinion your SSAS provider should take full responsibility and liability for the running of your SSAS.

With us, it’s simple.  We’ll connect you with some of Britain’s best SSAS providers who’ll compete for your business, knowing exactly what you’re trying to achieve.  That way, you'll get the right SSAS for your business.